Trump Is in White House Decorations, CNN Cancels Chris Cuomo: This Week's News | The Tonight Show

Biden’s plan to combat the Omicron COVID variant and Dr. Oz running for Senate in Pennsylvania.

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Trump Is in White House Decorations, CNN Cancels Chris Cuomo: This Week’s News | The Tonight Show



  1. Funny how Jill Biden did the exact same thing as Mrs. Trump with all the trees down the long hall in the White House and Melania was crucified for it now this dolt does the same thing and it’s all the sudden loved by all .??!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Like wtf and jimmy Fallon you’ve never been funny and your written jokes by others are even worse your a clown stay outta Massachusetts you Fucken clown ass looser !!! Much hate coming right outta your home area of Boston, your a disgrace as a Bostonian !!! Stay where ever you are pal
    And never leave again find rock and hide Douche and yes to all who reads this yes I Fucken hate this guy with all my blood !!!!!

  2. I just read through the comments and have a question. Why do you people watch these clips and then write such horrible comments? Perhaps you should stop putting yourselves such torture and find something else to do.

  3. Love Jimmy Fallon always stay safe happy healthy day and night inshallah god loves us all amen love peace pray from Las Vegas yeay layloma AD stay happy one life to live laugh it off 🤣😉💛😎🤍💚🌎🙌🌈💪😷🙆🤦🙇💐⚖️🌼💯🪜🕊️🤞👍💕 everything is going in wrong way in this pandemic hard life world 🌍😇🫂💞🙌🌼🗽🎄🪁

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