Tucker: They are hoarding baby formula

Fox News host voices his concerns over the baby formula shortage on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. No!!! "They," (our gov't) sent it all across the Border into Mexico where it all now sets on their shelves. I've been across that Border into Mexico numerous times over the past 20 years for my job. I've seen their shelves lined with pharmaceuticals and more from the U.S. I'm still in touch with people who cross that Border and have confirmed the pics of Baby Formula on the shelves in Mexico. All that being said, check Google or whatever search engine you prefer. Look up class action law suits on bad baby formula that's been hurting and killing babies! So, now that it's all removed from U.S. shelves. It's across the Border killing their babies! Wonder how long it will take them to figure this out in Mexico…

  2. Is the government causing this to ensure that babies of vaccinated women get the vaccine ( whatever the hell was in that) because women will need to breastfeed??

  3. My babies mother could not produce enough milk. We tried everything. So our girls Needed formula. Thank God we are past that point now and I feel for any families who couldn't find or had/have trouble finding formula. It would be enraging knowing this and not finding it for our children.

  4. Not only are they preferring for babies lives over American lives (2 ways) they don’t talk the FDA into fast tracking approvals? They have super faith in foreign procedures? Tables had undesirable microorganisms, but it was not found in the formula.

  5. Look at how many YouTube channels about prepping and this guy doesn't think anyone is hording, just because you can talk sharply raising your voice at the right time does not make you right.

  6. Biden yet again showing his hatred toward U.S. citizens – allow access to U.S. resources (baby food formula, health care, etc) by those who are not even U.S. citizens. Biden is a criminal.

  7. With all the technology available today there's no excuse for shortage of anything. I would blame it on a tyrannical government abusing the people. If the people are made to starve, especially babies, the people will uprise and remove the government starting with executing State government officials. You are outnumbered 600,000 to one!

  8. The illegal migrants mostly fed their children breast milk on the trek to our border, why do they even need any formula after they arrive? Malnutrition doesn't seem to be evident in the overweight illegal I see on TV surrendering to border patrol. I'm sure a few dehydrated mothers my have issues for a day or two, but they all don't have to stop breastfeeding as soon as they arrive and forever.

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