Tucker: This is not a good sign

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host addresses the consequences of Biden’s ‘reckless’ policies.
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  1. In my country that happened in the 80's. What happened after that was currency devaluation and hyperinflation that almost killed us. Who was the "genius" to that in USA?

  2. Fyi. The folks that were brainwashed by marshall Apple white , the heavens gate cult leader. We're Liberals that should tell Americans the whole story. 😯😯🙄🙄🙈🙈

  3. I can tell you part of the reason it's been happening, or at least what it looks like from my perspective;
    I think when covid happened and people were forced to be at home, alot of people figured out how to make money online and favored that over going back to a job.
    And, not only is this admin printing money – but they are pushing the idea of 'free' government money via housing, foodstamps, disability, stimulus ect. And they have boosted the amounts being offered.
    And the other huge factor that Ive seen is addiction. Meth and Fentynal are killing our youth or turning them into zombies. Even sicker still? Even though we all know there has been an opiate crisis in our country for the past few years, Big Pharma responded by making their Fentynal pills smoke able right out of the bottle. How sweet of them to think of the street addict.

  4. Trump stare the stimulus that was great, no workers? may be some are dead??? dahh!! and no one can quit and get unemployment the goverment investigate frist with your employers to see if you qualify and now their is no more covid unemployment so that means you don't get double the money anymore since last year. So this info is half true.

  5. "Why work when get money for nothing." true, but it is just one piece of the "puzzle"… USA is THE epitome of capitalism in its final stage. Rich get richer and poor get poorer, the middle class all but disappeared and well, people are finding out. People figured out they work ther asses off for nothing, only for the capitalist "owners" to get richer, like working 2+ jobs just to get by. The beer lockdowns only accelerated it. Btw on top of all people also find out, they do not have to be in an office to be able to work efficiently. But after the lockdowns the "old farts" want their workers to return… in addition to regular working hours, many people need 1-2 hours to get to work and another 1-2 to get back home, thats 2-4hrs unpaid wasted time the people have for themselves when working from home. And the old farts demand a return to the working place. I already told my employer, you force me to return to the office and I will resign.

  6. It was made public a long time ago that put into the Green New Deal, was legislation that would pay people who were unable or unwilling to work. There's a night and day difference between being unable to work versus unwilling to work. Dems believe in buying votes so they are going to pay people more NOT to work. When Obama was president, he had canvassers who went door-to-door convincing people they would do better if they just went on welfare. And they threw in a free Obama phone to sweeten the deal. Dems have always needed people to depend on the government. This is why, whenever a Dem is in the White House, they denigrate work and tell people that it's beneath them. When a GOP is in the White House, they convince people that they can do better by working, by being a productive member of society. Then, when the Dems are back in the White House, they heat up class resentment and tell their voters that, when they work, they're just making rich people richer. Never mind the fact that to a liberal, a "rich person" is anyone with a job. Sooner or later, we're going to get tired of footing the bill for all of this.

  7. A big part of why there are more jobs in demand, and less labor to cover it is due to companies not being able to balance p&l in relation to the inflation bubble.
    The markets paying $15 an hour as minimum are too high,and removes insensitive for higher position workers. That's why I would say 11 or 12 is a more fair amount, in addition to a maximum of 40 hours a week for each no salaries employee without exception. This to protect wages, and fairly divide a liveable income.
    In addition many elderly who have died have given property as inheritance, so the need to work is curtailed, not to mention some took the money to either start their own business or invest in school.
    All this plus dissatisfaction with word conditions and management leads to a slimming of business into necassary sectors.

  8. If you're goingt o keep this attitude you should get on the ballot. Why be biased when people nead simple facts. Democratic, republican… in the end they're simply all people and you appear to represent this.

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