TVJ News | Blood & Mayhem on Harvey Road, St. Andrew in Jamaica

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  1. No police presence not helping nothing the police deserves are cruel and evil may God be with the few that are honest and willing to do right and stand by them and protect jamaica is going down by the head how so much gun out there and no jobs no housing for the poor the people are living like scavenger where is the government god please turn your eye a little and do something to help my sympathy to the family of those that have lost there lives

  2. Some one somewhere know these criminals. Why wont they speak up? Why is it that the mothers, sisters and girlfriends are covering up for these murderers. For God sake, speak up !!!!

  3. But these people never give up the Criminals. Police can’t live there. You people know who is doing things. You don’t have to have family who a bad man. Girls do it too

  4. I say again too much blood spilling in the country let me say this it's not that government security forces not trying, but they alone can't do it , it needs God's Army,, God as an army of all religious Denomination the security forces alone can't fight this, it started in the early seventies and it's getting worse it's a spiritual warfare it's a big fight going on and Jamaica is caught in the in cross hair see Jamaica is very important yes it's very important our motto out of many one people motto is very important it's important in the physical world as well as the spiritual world,, you see one person alone can't do it, it takes two to make it work the physical and the spiritual, you know like it takes two feet to walk properly, security forces alone can't do it they need help, the master of the universe as an army of believers and some of them are filled with the holy Spirit, Believers no matter what denomination you belongs to come together in a prayer to the Almighty master of the universe in open-air in serious prayer to the, Creator, of all creation to demolish the entities that is hungry for blood and is causing this constant bloodletting ,,believers Rise in prayers throughout the islands parks by the waysides. All over Rise I say Rise let your tears hit the ground ,,the security forces cannot do it alone they need help its a spiritual warfare Rise believers rise, Blessup Blessup Blessup Blessup,

  5. How disgusting this is let's forget the talk Mr government you are trying your best to dismantle lazyness hate war violent behaviour but ain't gonna work no more options is now put the leathol injections on the table small countries law's ain't solving the problems treaters of police treaters of the government pass and present not doing the work betrayal of the prime minister criminals areas leadership killer's are some one's family friends going to church turn blind eye this madness got to stop too much lawlessness the system manager that are in places to do the government work's are trying their best to dismantle criminals but family members condoned in those evil-doers blood more blood until the Caribbean stop arms deal create real people jobs in cars manufacturing taxes invader wasting the money on things got no prospect in any one life ghetto slum village never want what Cuba offer education Jobs values America trick our government long time in to not provide excellent education for us this is the device rich super power countries hand to us guns alcohol drug's this the only power we must fight for are sick we are great people commonwealth think's keeping quiet over these mass killings asked the nation on a vote for leathol injections people need to think yes all life's matter's all humans rights of the land must be upheld by all it's citizens justice for all our national song of pride and hope peace and love for all is the only hope our country won't be free from viruses killer's Jamaica land we love 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  6. All this killing , violence and other related Crimes that taking place in Jamaica is caused of Spiritual Wickedness in high places and that the impact it has on the poor ppl living in the deprived area.

  7. Life in prison should not be the option tax payers Dallas should not spend on this kinda situation death should be punishment I bet the crime would have stop talk won’t work drive fair in those boys

  8. Vera Wallace, you may not know as much as I do, I’m living in Brooklyn NY, USA, Jamaica can NEVER, will NEVER BE AS BAD AS THE USA, period!
    If America can still be The Best Place To Live, honey believe me JAMAICA IS PARADISE!!🇯🇲🇯🇲🖤💚💛💯💯💯

  9. Three murders, and Jamaica is THE WORST PLACE. In America they kill 50,20,25,15,10 all the time, yet it is THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE! What hypocrisy, Jamaica IS THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE!

  10. Lady u talking foolishness bcuz if 10 more shooting take place in 10 different communities the MP or counselor fi that area going to say the samething..base on what a gwaan it difficult fi the security them just too evil…

  11. am i the only one paying attention to the ages of the ones who were killed. especially the two males, 20 and 23. God he knows what they were involved prior to their deaths. the 16 year old female could just have been collateral damage in the eyes of the perpetrators. u notice also how the aunt emphasized how innocent the teenage girl was?yes she may by right be very innocent indeed, but noticed how she wasnt really talking about the two males and trying to declared their innocence. smh. most of these people in the communities they know exactly what caused the crimes and they know exactly who committed them. RIP to all the deceased

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