UK witnesses highest ever daily Covid cases amid Omicron spread | Latest World English News

Omicron variant spreads across the world, scientists are now rewriting their expectations. In United Kingdom, the new variant is now all set to become the most dominant one.

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  1. When will we change the way we deal with the covid virus? Two years already and we don't see any light!!!
    Please look at the term virucide.
    We can very well protect ourselves against contamination and STOP the spread of the virus if for at least 2 weeks the whole population often uses a few drops of amla oil on the hands, forearms and face with the other sanitary barriers when we go out and wash with water and soap because the viruses and variants degrade in this oily environment as defined by the virucide.
    Please take care.

  2. so they say lol. face it, they've disrupted the whole world apart from China obviously using a mode they need provide no proof of and the only people who can confirm or deny its existence are on the payroll 😆. and most clowns believe it

  3. Considering sars 2003, bird flu 2014, 2019 sars covid19, we are all screwed when the chinese wet markets unleashes another deadly plague. They already have the g4 virus but they are keeping the severity a secret. Live your life to the fullest. You never really know when it will be your last

  4. Why some of UK people still not wearing mask at the public area?? Indonesian still wearing mask eventough our daily covid only 150-250 people a day..

  5. Who cares, when they (Brits) themselves are not ready for any remedial measure and roaming around as there personnel liberty so if they die of corona that that's to is there personnel choice.

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