Ukraine announces first war crimes trial for Russian soldier

NBC’s Cal Perry joins Shep Smith to report the latest news from Putin’s war in Ukraine, as Ukrainian forces drive Russian forces back from Kharkiv, the country’s second largest city. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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  1. So the Russians are killing Nero Nazis and the United States of America sends them weapons are you for real what kind of human are you the murder of millions of innocence of aliens on the world finds out you’re going to look like a piece of garbage for reporting garbage

  2. This war has the purpose to raise the prices on everything: food, energy, benzin and so on. So that few oligarchs can earn much more. The context for this has been created. The prices will never return to a normal state even after this war will be over. You will see…it's as simple as that…

  3. Lies. They forced false confession. This works both ways. I'm positive that Russia will also charge Ukraine soldiers for war crimes. Your ignorant if you don't believe it's happening on both sides.

  4. Trials are waste of all good on earth. War was ordered, and have nobearing what happened at war. Everything is fair in war. Ukraine unknowingly and others who helped stand trial. Exchange POW is right around. Country has right to court martial and not for trials. That is illegal trial for pow. Pow can be kept in prison without trial or release. Their cannot be court trials. Excuse them court. Leave them exclusively. Let them have their personal life because war wasn't on their mind. No pow is guilty of war crime that is bourgeois and derived language word prison, captive etc. No trials cannot be allowed allowed, any such trial is to run media and salaries machine, it is not empty revenge and is inhumane. Benefits of doubt, to all pow, war trials must be banned even if wanted by anybody.

  5. There are POW on both sides engaged in war. Why this 1 case is highlighted by media? Probably this is part of global propaganda to justify the proxy war orchestrated by US+EU. It is really hard to decipher..

  6. its strange to me that all dumb o crats and all but 57 republicans voted to sent Ukraine 40 billion MORE in aid but from the commits i have read the last 3 weeks the largest majority of Americans thought it was a bad idea / i thought they were supposed to be working for us and representing the will of the american people /as their employer paying their salary i say we should have the right to immediately fire them

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