Ukraine Invasion: Putin threatens to ban exports in retaliatory sanctions | World News | WION

As the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to intensify, Russian president Vladimir Putin has now notified the West that Russia would seize export deals and contracts with the US and its allies if they continue to back Ukraine amid the ongoing war.

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  1. Oh good less income for the Russian state so sanction away Russia do the west a favour. Putin what a moron.

  2. There is more and hidden secrets to this war in ukraine.
    Ukraine is a lunching pad for the west and the US, it is this same ukraine that got Donald Trump his first impeachment and the same ukraine that Joe Biden and his son are now in a scandal.

  3. that little puppet boy ,is making the USA using him to distroy europe,,,,,just as how the USA and greedy UK , f,up the middle east and afganistan,,,,why,?, because America and UK now on there knees, they are trying to take the rest of the world with them,,,,,,one thing I know that is so true ,,,China will be going for tiwan,,preemptive strike,more vicous than how America and there gangster friendzone Iraq and afganiztan,that is the second front, for the gangsters us UK,,,then North Korea will hit guam,now this is the third front again for the UK USA NATO gangsters, ,then all the Arab leags will totally distroy israel,,,,and all this will happen,because of the greedy UK usa,,remember for 50000 years they enslave black people,,after ww1,it was the same black people that re build there economy,,they used the Saudis to gain world power ,they invade the most country,they kill the most people to include women and children,,they are the maker and trainer God for all terrorist organisation,,,isol Taliban ,orkiad,just naming a few,also the cia,world criminals,,people am not on any side ,,I hate war,,,,but the truth is the truth ,greedy usa,,and uk,,must stop going around the world dictating which nation people must deal with from which they must not,truth is ,the USA dont talk ,so,why should anyone take talk from them,they are dogs to there vomit,,,,two edges sword,,plain truth,,,,p,l,s,,,,wi

  4. The world needs s scapegoat,
    everything manipulated by a good actor,
    poor putin the scapegoat from the Evil

  5. Wake up, this is the White European Countries against the rest of the world!
    Keeping India & China at each others throat will only help them to defeat both.

  6. The world will manage, Russia will suffer. I feel sorry for Russian people who don't support Putin.

  7. Putin should have cut off these ungrateful, enemy countries a long time ago and did all he could to crash their economies. It's time he shows the world what things would be like without Russian energy, resources and sympathy. This whole situation just shows how much underlying hatred their was for Russia the whole time.
    In reality after the Warsaw pact ended so should have NATO. Instead these countries saw it as an opportunity to band together to take down Russia. NATO has been building towards a face off with Russia ever since. When the Soviet Union disbanded no considerations were made to the people of Russian background or who sympathized with Russia. If this had been the case the eastern part of the Ukraine would probably went back to Russia. Many other countries could have also made territories for these people. Instead they were left high and dry. It was not a very well thought out plan, and it was very much not in the best interest of Russia. The leader of NATO is America a nation who let every missile treaty except for one lapse with Russia while it killed millions of people and uprooted and starved tens of millions of people in the last twenty years. It's hardly a country Russia wants within ten minutes as the missile flies from Moscow. Not to mention the ethnic Russians of the Donbass who have had to live with being bombed on a daily basis by a government they did not elect, one that overthrew the government they did elect with the help of America.

  8. Don’t trust west never you will get betrayed by west soon or after when there is no more money to make you are out

  9. The whole a uno can go to hell cause ah fi ordinary people ah feel it people need to get rid of these politicians who are fighting war n funding war with citizens tax collars

  10. Don't worry six months from now we will see who will be filling it😛😛🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣

  11. 😂 why don’t you report the truth. The west has already said they going to ban Russian energy imports. You Indians are really gonna have to make a choice between Russia and China or the west which group you want to be in?
    After the war crimes committed in Buccha there is no neutral position any longer. If you don’t sanction Russia you are propping up the fascist regime

  12. H'm . . . the only import from Russia I can recall is their cars that were falling-apart junk. Wonder if it's the same company that's making their tanks?

  13. It is time for citizen of Western countries and US to stand up for justice within their countries. Elected politicians are inefficient and corrupted. They funds war with billions$ and leaving their own citizen alone fighting poverty and inflation s. They have the hearts to see and finance suffering of the war victim in Ukraine n Russia. Vote these irresponsible n corrupted politicians out of office. Than peace and harmony to mankind,

  14. Good one Poo-tin ! Again people this is about food from the start ! <<< Well for the free world my opinion. Hitler 2.0 said from the start it's about NATO moving to far East !! My question from the start was why would Hitler 2.0 move West ? The Ukraine supplies 15% of the world's food as does Russia !! Do you think Russia should be the supplier of 30% of the free world's food ? I don't ! Others have said it's about Fertilizer and energy ! Well we all have different priorities.

  15. invades a country and makes threat when confronted..another hitler rising right before your eyes.

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