Ukraine: Russians withdraw from around Kharkiv, batter east

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  1. This war is all about the Russian pipeline running to Germany. Currently many of Russian pipelines run through Ukraine.

  2. Nonsensical news. There is no way Russia could lose 200 Aircraft and still mount the offensive it has been launching less than 2 months. I do not buy it for one second.

  3. It would be awesome to find the truth of what is actually going on there. Prayers for all involved

  4. Ukraine is fighting with passion to defend what belongs to them while russia has no purpose in their missions

  5. Good withdraw now that’s the first smart move Putin has done for since he decided to go into Ukraine!!!

  6. Fake News Media:
    It's a "withdrawal" when Russia leaves.
    It's an "evacuation" when the Azov terrorists leave

  7. I know that we are having trouble here in the US . Why send 40 billion to Ukraine. We have to stop these warlike nations . So the world can be more free and eventually eliminate war as a whole on this earth so we can explore more profitable ventures . Ukraine knows who helped them the most and will repay us with massive trade and construction in the future. We have to take some pain now for a better world and a better US for your sons and daughters in the future.

  8. Bro I'm tired of the us government giving Ukraine all this money what about the people living in this country that don't got a home of food but you just give out money to a country that never helped us with anything can't wait till Biden is out of office he's done nothing besides take the money that was helping everyone in the usa away and make everything go up in prices then send out money to Ukraine and push the prices up higher so we pay ourself back like I'm so tired of this I feel bad for Ukraine they don't deserve this but we gotta help our own country before we help another

  9. Propaganda in media is a problem in this war
    Tens of thousands are dead in Ukraine but the media Keep reporting only what they want the world to see.

  10. How about someone make some Ukraine t shirts and all proceeds go to their relief.Their country is badass.

  11. Did they find your coverage of Hillary's lawyer trial and the beginning of the end of the treasonous cabal there?

  12. I amazed from in Cambodia I love landsky I like I love you you ! Wolansky Idol for me

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