Ukraine shuts off key natural gas pipeline from Russia to Europe

Ukraine’s natural gas pipeline operator has stopped Russian shipments through a key hub in an area in the east of the country controlled by Moscow-backed separatists.

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  1. Nice….
    Now i think,ukraine is putting sanction on european countrY…..
    Who have helped ukraine by supplying so much of,weapons and food supply……
    ""But instead,ukraine is against europe …..

  2. Serbia and Hungary have lost their gas. Also Germany has lost 25% of its gas. Do as the Ukrainians tell you, NOW or else they cut off your gas. Germany is still buying gas and oil in Rubels that’s why the Ukrainians are naffed off. Mining their own ports the Ukrainians have effectively stopped any commercial ships from moving grain if of course Ukraine had planted any.

  3. European manufacturing should completely relocate to Asia. (Due to high manufacturing cost).
    Moreover Russia is giving attractive discounts to asian countries.

  4. So this is why Europe excluded Gazprom and other Russian Oil companies in the 6th package of Sanctions. Its waging a war inside a war, inside a war while America sits pretty as Europe and Russia destroy themselves.

    999IQ gameplay right here.

  5. Could it due to the delay of the usd40 billions aids/fund from US to Ukraine. And many of the promises/helps made by some EU nations did not materialized too. I guess Ukraine decided to punish her allies due to the above reason.

  6. Hungary and Poland also have claims to Kiev-Occupied territory. Get in there lads! What more provocation do you need, they are stealing your gas. They "drink your milkshake".

  7. Militarily, USA and their collaborators had their backs to the wall.

  8. Meanwhile Gazprom has decided to use Nord stream 2 to deliver gas to Russian north-western territories, which means that even if Germany asks for it only one line can be used for their needs.

  9. Ukraine is not responsible for this war and for this situation with gass. Ukraine proposed alternative solution – Russia refused. Russia started this war and holds all responsibility for any further consequences!

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