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The number of Omicron cases rising in the United Kingdom has been enormously worrying for the authorities. Experts have warned that Omicron variant could become the dominant strain in the United Kingdom by the end of December.

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  1. It’s over. Deaths have decoupled from infections and it has displaced delta. Hopefully it will instill immunity.

  2. Pls pray the rosary and devine mercy prayer to free all countries from war, calamities, hunger, diseases, abortion, divorce, prostitution, homosexuality, drugs, corruption, vices and all evils.pls pray for peace and joy on all families and home.. ..

  3. Pls pray the rosary and devine mercy prayer to free all countries from war, calamities, hunger, diseases, abortion, divorce, prostitution, homosexuality, drugs, corruption, vices and all evils.pls pray for peace and joy on all families and home.. ..

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  5. Opening our UK Borders to thousands of unregulated refugees during a deadly global pandemic didnt help. 🌍🙏💔

  6. The only positive is that this is a mild version thus giving herd immunity.. the booster is goid because its still a lottery on which variant you get. The booster pushes your imunity upto 75%. Ill be happy to get omicron as its mild.. we will all catch it one day

  7. 😆 sweet something new. Anyone seeing the routine?… Oh that's not scary anymore let's make up something new. Ur all idiots but ur not dumb…. Catch on🎭

  8. Bill Gates goal is coming to pass i.e to vaccinate the whole world and people should should get an identification ( green pass)for contact tracing

  9. 800,000 dead in the US from covid. My uncle refused to get vaccinated as he is not into vaccines period. When I told him he shares some of the culpability for all those deaths by not being vaxxed he was greatly offended. He gave me a whole story about his rights bla bla bla. Most of what he said he was right about but I still reiterated that he allowed others to die when he could have made a difference and looked to his better angels for guidance and stood by his fellowman. Today he came around and agreed with me that he shared some culpability. I told him too little too late. Tell that to the victims buddy. He left and I told him not to come back. I wss so tired of the whole thing but had to tell him the type of crud he was.






    Just taking names and kicking ass.

  11. First person dies from omicron varriant in the UK says Boris Johnson huge outbreak in London of the Omicron variant

  12. What do you know about the mutation so far?

    The virus is infecting people who had a prior infection at a much higher rate than previous variants we have seen. Preliminary reports suggest that it is also causing an increase in vaccine breakthrough infections.

  13. So what?! The experts in South Africa have told the world that although this variant spreads far more rapidly than the Delta variant, the Omicron variant's symptoms are not dissimilar to flu … headache, temperature, body aches and pains. Not one person with Omicron has been admitted to hospital in South Africa needing to be put onto oxygen … other than those who have asthma. Also the unvaccinated appear to suffer slightly worse symptoms, but, again, the symptoms are akin to flu.

  14. Who cares. Stop being so pessimistic. Last time I will watch negative reports of the chinaflu from you guys. Live your life!!!

  15. It’s the mildest Covid Strain seen thus far , this has been proven by the Doctors in South Africa .. They say it’s “Far less dangerous “

  16. People, Omicron is a good thing and maybe our best possibility to get out of the pandemic. Look at the big picture instead of this short term panic all the time. Anyway, it will be unstoppable and that will also be a good thing.

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