US President Joe Biden brands Trump's followers as extremist groups | World News | WION

US President Joe Biden has branded his predecessor Donald Trump’s followers as extremist groups.
This comes as a sharp rhetorical escalation ahead of crucial election.

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  1. He also labeled parents who don’t want their kids taught critical race theory and sex Ed in grades elementary school terrorist so keep that in mind !PLEASE PLEASE GOD HELP US OUT OF THIS DARKNESS

  2. Sure, because the MAGA crowd are tired of losing their asses and having to work twice as hard to have any money. And somehow you dub that as being extremist. Don't worry joe, there's a small percentage of us out here that have actually done research on you and know what a POS you are and have always been. Just because you don't mention public records doesn't mean you can suppress it. There's a lot more education in the private sector than you know apparently.

  3. So if Joe biden's considers people that don't like losing thousands of dollars a month because of him and his administration extremist he is a complete imbecile. Why doesn't Joe Biden show us how to get in on some of that insider trading that the government loves so much so we can make our money back. If he truly loves America he would teach us how to cheat just like they do.

  4. The most dangerous you is You Brandon.. your imcompetent side kick Harris.. Schumer the schumk … Pelosi the putrid… and your stupid press Secretary who talks that she hasn't even graduated elementary school. Can't wait till November when you are out of there and then on to 2024 for Trump presidency!

  5. Biden is the worst thing to happen to America. He is destroying America and Americans are suffering because of him

  6. Oh my Gosh …. The world is watching this man talk about Trump voters this way ??
    How absolutely perverted and propagandist the American government is right now .
    He called MAGA the most dangerous group in American history .

    .There is no truth or evidence for anything he says .

  7. I guess Joe doesn't feel the same way about the KKK, which is why he eulogized KKK leader Robert Byrd at his funeral.

  8. It's all a set-up..the mid term election is on the horizon..
    lots of wickedness and distraction from the left and right ..but especially the left..
    we want to know what happened to the 30 BIO LABS FOUND IN UKRAINE?

  9. It's sad when the leader of your country doesn't like you. This is the same man that attended a funeral service for a Klan member some years ago. Now that is a radical group.

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