VICE News Tonight Presents COVID-19: Italy’s Tragedy

In a VICE News special report, Isobel Yeung travels to the epicenter of Italy’s COVID-19 outbreak.

Since February 20, when it was first detected in the country’s Lombardy region, Italy has been devastated by the virus. While official data says that more then 19,000 people have perished so far, there are signs that the actual death toll could be much higher.

Spending a shift with EMTs, Yeung witnessed firsthand a healthcare system in crisis. And she and her team gained rare access to an ICU in a hospital overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases.

VICE News Tonight Presents COVID-19: Italy’s Tragedy. Airs April 14 at 11PM ET on VICE TV.

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  1. I watched the documentary, it's disturbing, I understand why @VICE News chose to disable the comments, looking at the comments here, we really appreciate this kind of journalism…

  2. it's better china stop to eat animals from the jungle and stop cruelty on animal, they are killing all the world just cause they don't close theyr animal live market

  3. Germany here: Most of our ER's are empty ! Spoke to two doctors on Sunday and they are not sure whats actually happening. Should send some docs down there to help!

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