Weather extremes add pressure for climate action | DW News

The world’s leading scientists are meeting governments around the world to finalize a highly awaited study on climate change. Record-smashing heatwaves, drought and floods across the globe in the recent past have added pressure for decisive action.


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  1. I heard they are adding fire as a weather category……"rain on Monday with partial clouds until evening, 30% chance of widespread burning with mild to moderate heat, with a flaming bird warning in the East !

  2. The real and only Expert predicted it long ago. Jesus called it "The Beginning of Sorrows." Matthew chapter 24. It is a call to mankind to Repent and turn to God. It will get worse as we get closer and closer to the Lord's return. BRACE YOURSELVES. And get close to God.

  3. All countries are expected to come to the table with higher commitments; except for Whitey America. All countries are expected to abide by the agreements; except for Whitey America. All countries are expected to keep silent as Whitey America breaks any and all agreements and treaties. If all the other countries do not do as agreed to the rules set down by Whitey America they shall be made to suffer and destroyed. AAll countries will work to benefit the Whitey American.

  4. If you look in many German city’s, there are houses with historical flood markers. Showing when and how high they were. These floods have been happening since the beginning of time and no co2 tax or e-vehicle will change this. I have Photos of such markers dating back to 1500…

  5. It's already too late,
    The Feedback loop has gone parabolic and next year's weather will be even worse !
    If you aren't ready right now to accept this fact, you'll be shocked so badly that death will be quick

  6. En los países bajos por su gran experiencia de tragedias en el pasado,an estudiado y aprendido muy bien y ahora de forma muy inteligente están sabiendo manejar muy bien la situación para enfrentar las inundaciones de manera eficiente y segura.Creo que cuando se aplica bien el sentido común puede indicarnos con certeza y mayor presicion lo que se deve hacer en situaciones de posibles inundaciones y creo que los Holandeses están haciendo lo que se deve hacer,ayudar a la madre naturaleza a encausar mejor los ríos con canales y desembocar en los grandes ríos y canales, ampliándolos para una mejorar su capacidad del tránsito de aguas pluviales y evitar el desbordamiento de los mismos ,….aveses todo es cuestión de aplicar y llevar acabo el sentido común como lo están haciendo en Los Países Bajos con respecto a enfrentar posibles inundaciones,….muy bien hecho por ellos, bien pensado y buen trabajado, ahí están los resultados ,invertir en proyectos $$$$$$ que parecieran no tener mayor relevancia pues al final demuestran que lo tienen y de gran importancia.

  7. they released water from the reservoirs in China thats why the subways and roadways including a 5ml long 6 lane tunnel all went under water over 6000 people trapped in the tunnel in their cars the tunnel filled up in just 5 minutes. They wont release the amount of people that died trapped in the subway systems I suspect its in the thousands as well check China Observer they have good videos and info on this

  8. Then perhaps they will speak if the primary cause of global warming.
    Our removal of the core heat shielding..aka fossil fuels heat insulation.
    Cyberocracy has a solution too.

  9. FIRST: It's a governmental panel, NOT a scientific panel – and the " scientists " that get the grants are mostly the same as the scientists who find " it's worse than we thought " ! !
    SECOND: GERMANY, you have all those windmills and solar panels, why do you want Russian Nat Gas ? ! Aren't your electric rates the cheapest in Europe ? ? Isn't the EU grid a model for reliability ????
    THIRD: Why won't DW answer these points ?

  10. This weather is caused by 5G
    5G is radiation
    Radiation is heat
    Heat creates vapour and in a quantity that 5G is, we are cooking in the microwave , us and the world
    The worse is still to come because of worlds ignorance.
    That's your global worming!!!!

  11. All the governments are going to do is all talk and no action has to be someone else to take action climate change is real thing but also the polars are changing that's real to when the polars change on the earth and the moon and the sun all changes everything is moving so we just have to pray to the good Lord Jesus Christ upstairs we're not going to be here forever none of us so make the best of it

  12. Unfortunately it's much easier to say than to actually make a change in many countries, some even deny climate change, for example, the so called "world leader" country where politicians who run the country are sponsored by big fossil fuel companies

  13. 1. Deaths from catastrophic weather events are at all time lows. This is because modern industrial/technological countries have learned how to deal with these events, the Netherlands being just one of many examples.
    2. The commentator asks what can be done. The only solution in the short term is Gen 4 nuclear power, which is as safe as solar and wind in terms of mortality. Without nuclear power, there will not be enough electricity to power the millions of electric cars that will soon replace internal combustion cars, not to mention all the other gadgets that we rely upon. Solar and wind can also provide significant energy but not at levels needed to replace fossil fuels, not in the short term.

  14. It's already too late. Keep fighting if it makes you feel better (seriously) but honestly, we should really all be preparing for societal collapse within the next decade.

  15. Global crisis. This applies to everyone. The conference explains the reason for the tropical rainfall and what the way out of this .12 thousandth cycle ….. will unite in building a Creative Society. At Allаtraunites. com we read …. We look at the ALLATRA TV YouTube channel

  16. The two primary drivers of Earth's climate are the Milankovitch Cycle and solar output. CO2 in the atmosphere has virtually nothing to do with the Earth's climates. Stop the hysteria and panic.

  17. Who are these world's leading scientists? Are they government bureaucrats? Yes, yes of course they are. Weather is NOT climate. When people build their homes in flood zones, they get flooded …. when it's very dry in the desert ….. when a forest burns ….. all this is expected. Stop the hysteria and panic.

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