White House Holds Press Briefing: July 27 | NBC News

Watch as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a press briefing.

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Live: White House Holds Press Briefing | NBC News


  1. “When fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black
    shirts. It will not be with jack-boots. It will be Nike sneakers and
    Smiley shirts…” – George Carlin

  2. All the socialist Democrats should leave for Cuba since they hate the US, and it will take all the Cubans that love the US, sounds like a fair trade to me.

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  5. I think that the up most has been thought of for all resources to help a collapse in are economy the problem is to many people in this country from all parts of the world are also part of our relief plans and the border surge is much to big to continue a stimulus plan, and just like how many illnesses are transported to the united states it is a high risk at our boarders even with COVID-19 .americans should put more responsibility about being the greatest country in the world.

  6. Why can't people take it upon themselves to have common sense about how to protect and survive. I think the CDC has put out enough information for any one dang body to know what to do from then on. I am going to wear my mask regardless if I have been given the vaccine. Grow up folks. Stop trying to blame the current administration.

  7. That’s not true. Numerous people who are vaccinated are being hospitalized. Not anti vaccine but what you’re reporting versus what is actually happening isn’t truthful.

  8. Slavery used to be people living on plantations or sharecropping… today the corporations are the plantations and small businesses are the sharecroppers. Slavery has not ended… it has been perfected! C

  9. 125 million to promote vaccines in poor countries or poor communities I don't get it where is the billion dollars going I think everybody who wants to be vaccinated is vaccinated 43% of Americans do not want to be vaccinated I think it's about time to move on for those who refuse the vaccine arm up and know your rights because they're coming for you

  10. What I’m interested in is how COVID is going to affect this Administration’s public appearance. One year of it ruined Trump’s chances of re-election, which sent ripple-effects causing Biden’s win. If this goes on for four years… well let’s say this’ll be interesting.

  11. At some point, you with your heads in the sand need to realize you've been had. The entire fiasco is a sham, and the corporate media was in on it from the word go. But some oligarchs and Big Pharma execs made billions, and they had a pretext to steal the election right out in the open in 2020. But tRuSt sCieNcE

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