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The WHO has warned that the new covid variant Omicron is probably already present in most countries around the world; officially cases have been reported from 77 counties.

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  1. who cares about your stupid warning when WHO hasnot been upfront from day 0. Additionally, WHO has not endorsed any covid 19 EARLY treatment for the world, 2years on… Preferring lockdown, lock up and vaccines. WHY?????? Omicron transmissible, no deaths. LOLLLLLL

  2. 01:47 The five countries with the highest infection rates are all European. Hmmmm, the countries with the highest injection rates are also the countries with the highest infection rates.
    Let that sink in a minute!

    Also, would you purchase a used car from António Guterres?

  3. WAFJ The WHO is the most incompetent "health" agency there is to date. Someone also failed when they gave this agency a media arm. So far their advice has been to ruin life for all and not a single word of natural health and wellness. Let's hope your money and privileges last forever right! I sure hope you find it was worth it in the end. Judgement is fast approaching and has its eyes set on you WHO, the guilty!

  4. Omicron is the mildest variant so far a good sign that the virus is weakening. It also spreads much faster which could ultimately help speed up an end to the pandemic.

  5. 1. What is the survival rate of COVID?
    2. How does the immune system work?
    3. How do vaccines work?
    4. What is the difference between the old vaccines and the mRNA vaccine?
    5. How does the vaccine provide better immunity over natural immunity if the vaccine is tricking the body into thinking it has been infected by the virus than actually being infected by the virus?
    6. How many people worldwide have had adverse reactions to the vaccine?
    7. How many people have died from the vaccine worldwide?
    8. What percentage of the population has already been infected by COVID?
    9. If I decide to get vaccinated and suffer from any adverse reactions or I die, who will be held liable for damages?
    10. If the vaccine doesn’t stop me from contracting COVID or transmitting COVID how is that different from me being unvaccinated and contacting COVID and transmitting COVID?
    11. If I am vaccinated and can still contract COVID and it just reduces my chances of dying how is that different from being unvaccinated and already having had COVID and having natural immunity?
    12. If I have already survived COVID. This means that I have a 0% chance of dying from COVID. How is getting the vaccine a benefit to me?
    13. If I get vaccinated, can I stop wearing a mask and stop social distancing?
    14. If the answer to 10 is no, does that mean that the vaccine doesn’t work?
    15. If the answer is yes, then why would I need a vaccine if the vaccinated people are already protected, as I would only be putting myself at risk due to the fact that a vaccinated person can contract the virus and spread the virus the same way an unvaccinated person can?

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