Why are so many volcanoes erupting? Taking a look at the world's explosive activity

There have been dozens of volcanic eruptions this year around the world, with the more notable ones taking place recently on Spain’s La Palma island and on the Indonesian island of Java.

Some have been erupting for months like the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland that started in March 2021 and is still ongoing. Some have been deadly, like the recent eruption on Java that saw thousands of homes destroyed and over 30 people killed.

Global’s Miranda Anthistle spoke to volcanologist Heather Handley for more insight into the deadly volcanic activity and what’s going on.

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  1. Climate and Covid have nothing to do with Eruptions . But Eruptions will have a large effect on climate . The Bible in Matthew 24 verse 29 says the Sun and Moon will be darkened. Volcanic and plate tectonic will increase and the ash will black out the sun and moon .

  2. Scripture says, the First Cleaning of the world will be by water (NOAHS ARK). Next cleaning of the Earth is by FIRE. That’s what’s happening next,,,, cause of the EVIL of DEMOCRATS

  3. Scientist who don't look to God say climate change is the part of the problem, but those who read their scriptures know that this is all accumulating to provide us with our Sun being darkened, the stars to appear as if fallen from the sky, this has been foretold in Revelations by John, scientist who do not believe in God will deny until Jesus Christ come and makes his entry….Oh for them the learned are full of themselves and pride…that's their fall.

  4. It is not climate change. It is because we are entering a solar minimum. There may consistently be 30-50 erupting at any time but when we are in a solar minimum our electromagnetic fields become weaker. This is only a problem if there is a coronal mass ejection that is earth facing. Instead of diffusing the solar winds away from the Earth it enters the core of the Earth and builds up energy like a canning cooker. We had an Earth facing eruption on Tuesday. This tends to trigger much larger and longer lasting eruptions from the bigger caulderas around the world. We have had several Earth facing or near Earth facing CMEs since 2021. People and their activities on this planet are not responsible for volcano activity….that is just utter rubbage.

  5. The eruptions are from the low magnetic field around the earth. The neutrinos from the sun are cooking the magma like a boiling pot then volcanoes erupt all over .

  6. If this is the quality and knowledge base of today's "scientists" we are in serious trouble. Climate Scam, sorry, climate change, is partly responsible for volcanic activity? Next, they will be telling us that man made climate change is responsible for the suns activity (which is the actual driver of our cyclic climate changes).

  7. It's common knowledge that every time elephants or rhinos walk across the African plain they press so hard on the earth's surface that the tectonic plates are forced to move and that's why volcanoes erupt.

  8. Oh my God, you can't blame everything on global warming. Earthquakes, volcano eruptions, have been going on scence the beginning of time. Global warming, ice ages around the world also have been going on also. There is a natural Is wobble of the earth and it affects weather over Millenniums. Granted there is green house gasses around the world but look at all the natural things that cause the same issues. Volcano give off tons of carbon emissions, natural gas lakes Also do. There are thousands of under water Volcano around the world that contribute to the problem. But to say that global warming can cause a Volcano to erupted in mine is pushing it.

  9. Climate Change Is Not Manmade. it is because of Earthquakes and Volcano's look at the Ash that is Spewed Into the Atmosphere, and REMEBER LOOK AT HOW MANY SPACE SHIPS RIPPING WHOLE IN OUR EARTH SHEILDS.. But The Government's around the world rather blame us common hard working people for what THEY ARE DOING..

  10. There are constantly 30 ~ 50 volcanos in eruption around the world. Normally this doesn't get a lot press coverage. But when volcanos erupt in populated areas, especially in the so called "first world" like La Palma, they do get this coverage and it seems "suddenly" fhere are more volcanos erupting – basically what the lady says.

  11. easiest answer for why we are seeing more vulcanic activity is VERY and EXTREMLY simple.
    we have more media coverage now then we had before…. it's not a science behind that statement….
    I mean we did'nt know what caused tsunamis before now we do. we have NEVER seen a tsunami on camera before now we do…

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