Why is China still aiming for zero Covid? – BBC News

In many parts of the world most Covid restrictions are gone, but in China zero Covid remains the strategy.

Health officials in the country believe if they give up now, their efforts would have amounted to nothing, but attempts to become zero Covid keep cities such as Shanghai in lockdown.

The BBC’s Ros Atkins takes an in-depth look into why China is doubling down on it’s zero Covid policy.

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  1. The rights that citizens relinquished due to epidemic prevention will never be returned to them. Vested interests in quarantine policies will not let this go easily. This is a battle of lines in China.

  2. Although there is no lockdown in western, the gdp is not growing as rapidly as previous years…
    Besides, before this lockdown in Shanghai, I experience two years almost without any lockdown policies. We can go gym, cinema, shopping center in 2020 and 2021.

  3. guess what, if every western country willing to stop covid at the first place, this pandemic already gone, Chinese paid a lot to keep elder people and kids away from death caused by covid. so the reason why china have to lockdown, is because of inresponsible government only want use their people's life to make conflict and benefit from china.

  4. After lockdown for 2 months in Shanghai, I find myself value those simpler things in life. sometimes I admire the policy in foreign countries, to be free in the outside. But considering my grandma, she didn't get any vaccine because of stroke and other basic diseases, I can understand our policy, human life matters most. It's a tough period of time. Luckily I live in the suburbs, we have achieved social zero covid so we are free to be outside with a certificate of 72h negative covid test🥰

  5. as a chinese ,is easy to answer the question, because of Xi, it is his face, he can not be wrong. all of the china people play with him

  6. That's actually true in China right now.
    Now many Chinese company uses Covid nuclei
    acid test to earn money because government
    force people to do Covid test every 48 hours,
    even when some places don't have any
    cases (we are not allowed to go to any public places such as restaurants, shopping malls if we can’t prove that we have done a Covid test in the past 48 hours) . I live in Beijing right now. In the past
    two years the citizens agreed and support the
    zero-Covid policy and we appreciate and
    respect the Covid staff members. But this is
    the third year now. People cannot afford this.
    If you guys don't believe me then you can see
    the comments on Chinese social media. Now most of the people don’t agree with the zero Covid policy but Chinese people aren’t like Americans; we are too afraid to protest.

  7. 不要以为死亡几千人是个小数字和假数字,在中国因为新冠的原因死了一个人,在互联网上中国就要亡国了,几个人打架所有的媒体都会报道,几个亿的浏览量,全国人民都在讨论,我们是个神奇的国家

  8. 看了很多评论以后,作为一名中国人我只想说:有些网友的智商或许并没有达到一个正常水平。中国的方法或许在很多人看来是笨拙的,但是所有的这些政策都基于一个目的:防止疫情扩散。

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