Why the world’s largest mangrove forest is sinking – BBC News

Their ancestors have lived in the Sundarban delta on the Bay of Bengal for centuries, but thousands of people are now leaving the region because of climate change.

Violent annual storms which batter the delta, rising sea levels, and melting ice from the Himalaya mountains are gradually overwhelming the low-lying islands.

These people have become first-hand witnesses to the catastrophic impact of climate change.

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  1. Not only lose 5-10 million people but also lose global heritage, as if poor people's life has no meaning as compared to the place. Plus nobody wants to change their habits and bring back sustainability. We have exploited the nature for far too long. It is time to re-think our consumption patterns. We are concerned but comfortable as long as others suffer, ignorant that the adversity will be at our doorstep soon if this continues and it will be too late by then.

  2. It’s already lost, there’s talk we have already crossed the known climate triggers, and we are just pissing in the wind from here on out. The heatwaves are just going to continue, meaning the methane hydrates release, causing more warming. I don’t know anymore. 😐

  3. The Sundarban mangrove forest covers an area of about 10,000 square km of which in Bangladesh extend over 6,017 km2 and in India it extend over 4,260 km2. So the major area of The Sundarban is in Bangladesh. 👍

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  5. The climate is changing, and so is the use of the land in question. That land has been converted to farmland, et cétera, and this British video conveniently ignores that part of the history of The Sundarbans. This video only has subtitles in a British language, and they substitute the language of the people in the video.

  6. Sad that this is happening, but when you consider that some places are rising as others are sinking, what can anyone do about it. For instance, one castle 🏰 in England in times gone by used one of its portals for ocean access. The same castle is now about 3 kilometres away from the ocean. This is sad but true.

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