WION Live Broadcast: EU to warn Russia over Ukraine action | Direct from Washington, DC | World News

WION Live Broadcast: EU to warn Russia over Ukraine action | Direct from Washington, DC | World News

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  1. Is really funny that European Union care about a country that is not a eu member against Russia but when a member of eu(CYPRUS) have problems with TURKEY they are not care and they are not put Sanctions to TURKEY….This is European Union…

  2. Why this communist country tries to control Ukraine? Ukraine is a beautiful country and they have the right choice as purely Democratic country. NATO must protect Ukraine before the situation becomes worse.

  3. The only action the clown in Washington would threaten Russia is to completely withdraw troops from Europe. Even the mice aren’t scared of the senile citizen leading the USA.

  4. Hi Folks – Russia must de- escalate, how about the EU keeping its nose out of Russian affairs. Ukraine is stirring the pot and expects Europe to clean up their mistakes.

  5. USA wants peace and love with Russia and China we can all be our own people and get along , no more powers of the World that is what Nato wants distructions and disruption ,more wars ,more money

  6. I dont know why all the news lying and saying that Russia have their military built up at Ukrainian border , Russia have their military in their own border and ukrain have their built up at their own border! Stop lying to the whole world people .

  7. If Joe Biden, Wan't to "Build Back Better"… "In The First Place" he would "Mandate".. American People To Obey The Bible!.. According to Followiing The "Covenant" God Gave To Moses in The Book Of Exodus chapter 19:5.. For His Creation This Would " Make America Great" In The Eyes of Our. Creator!.. Next.." No Sanctions on Russia"!!. We can see the "End From The Beginning, That was For told in "Bible Prophecy"!.. Pray That Our Preachers Would Take Joe Through The Prophecies In Scripture To Show Him This would be a "Tragic Mistake"!!.. May Yah Our Creator Have Mercy on his Creation, And Stop "This Madness! ….Shalom

  8. The west should do all in its power to have Ukraine deal justly with the people of the Donbass, as per agreements entered into. This will end any escalation. Otherwise, the future for Ukraine is bleak! Agreements are not made to be unilaterally flouted!

  9. Politics here in US is Russias security concerns dont concern them this is why we are where we are. They have lagitimite concerns if Russia put bases all around us and close to our borders we would have a big problem with that. This is what the Russians are talking about. They are going to do whats in their security interests. They want to work something out, but the leaders in the west and here in the US dont want to address their concerns. This is not going to end well. If we dont work something out.

  10. The EU should be busy making big trading deals with Russia and China, and not talking a load of senless bull. If there is a war, Europe will be devasted again for the third time in the last hundred or so years. If it turns nuclear the world will be devasted. Pay attention.

  11. I'm nobody, and I would tell you let Ukraine be. Russia doesn't want NATO or nukes there, no more than US wanted Russia and nukes in Cuba back in the 1960s. In case you didn't know, love is letting go of fear. They can't coexist.

  12. LOL while we're worrying about Russia and the Ukraine's borders perhaps these countries need to worry about their own borders and what is coming across them???

  13. You guys know when wars happen, they usually don't broadcast a start date. Russia will attack and will be crushed…badly You think all these countries spend billions on arms just to look at them?

  14. RUSSIA is upholding INTERNATIONAL LAW!

    RUSSIA is setting a deterrent up to protect THE PEOPLE OF UKRAINE!!!

    UKRAINE was invaded in 2013/14 by simple gunpoint.

  15. What about the EU and USA support and intervention into everything around the world irrespective of their countries situations..??? It's not the Weak they seem to be supporting but seems more like they are working on their own and self Gains temperorily according to the situation.. best to hold their support until the issues are clearly solved to their supportive Nations than interventioning and moving back again.. Suggesting for a better relations than a military support or sanctions everytime..!!!
    Everything I have mentioned is balancedly said here.. nothing as supporting One Nation or any Group or any Organization and in betterment of relations in a long run..!!!
    No body has the patience to constantly think of and deal with escalations and de escalations or even hearing of those words and terms.. but a permanant solution at a root level..!!!
    Hope and Wish Good to one and all..!!!

  16. Hahaha,, hypocrisy to the highest,, EU, NATO warning Russia,,how about their invasions in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya,,good for them but not for Russia,, hahaha,,what a treacherous colonizers..

  17. I don't care about a Black face in a public office, if that Black face is not about justice for Black people. They are a lot of them there already doing nothing.

  18. I think China and Russia should seriously consider taking out those imperial, neocolonial powers that keeps terrorizing most of the World with their double standards of inequality and racism.

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