World War 3 (May 17 2022) Belarusian military joins Russia in Ukraine war

World War 3, Belarusian military joins Russia in Ukraine war.

A Belarusian opposition source said that Belarusian combat units are ready to go into Ukraine as soon as in the next few days, with thousands of forces prepared to deploy.

Russia has launched its attack on Ukraine in part from Belarus’ territory, and thousands of Russian troops amassed in Belarus ahead of the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine last month, which the two countries had claimed was for training exercises.

Belarus moved to change its constitution last month to allow the country to host both Russian forces and nuclear weapons permanently, though US officials have emphasized to CNN that they have not yet seen any evidence of Russia moving nuclear weapons or preparing to.


  1. There is no moral justification for the war in Ukraine. Putin must face the international criminal court in The Hague.

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