World's Tallest Waterslide Taller Than Niagara Falls | ABC World News Tonight | ABC News

New ride at 168 feet tall promises an exhilarating experience but at what price?
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  2. All these kids on here defending the ride after someone dies, saying it was just the strap, the weight, his fault (not), whatever. When you grow up and become an adult, you realize that’s not how life works. Someone dies and that’s usually the end of the ride or the theme park, because no one should have died. If someone does, it is usually because the park owners were negligent and did not care about the safety of people they took money from. They basically ignored people if they got hurt or complained about straps coming off—because the owners only cared about keeping their silly Hot Wheels track. Any other professional theme park would have paid attention long before a child died. These people were completely uneducated as to roller coasters—they built little water slides. They broke every rule of roller coaster safety, someone said. Engineers told them it was flawed and they were like little kids with Hot Wheels tracks—well, it was okay that time so scientists are wrong. Duh—no. We have eliminated metal gearshifts in cars that have impaled people in a crash, and yet these idiots put a series of metal rings in front of your neck in a car going 70 mph. If it still existed, are you really sure you would ride it again, knowing it could very well take your head off if the raft simply flew upwards because someone else shifted their weight? Are you sure? You would really take that chance of decapitating yourself? If it was your mom or your dad or your brother, you would not be saying, “oh well it’s okay it was just the strap or it was his fault or oh well.” But you will learn these things in life. If someone hurts you, or renders you disabled for the rest of your life, you will definitely be screaming, that “someone else should have done something before I got hurt”! Assuming you’re still alive to say it. Rip poor Caleb.

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